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Future proof your business with the most advanced customer retention, prepay & promotions platform in the market.


The Bopzy platform offers a solution which provides a comprehensive understanding of your customer base with full basket analysis and customer profiling to allow you to  establish a rewards solution which best suits your business needs.

Multiple programmes can run concurrently to maximise effectiveness. The rules are configured centrally via a secure on-line portal which merchants can access, review and adjust.  Rewards can be structured in a variety of ways;



Bopzy's multi media e-coupon solution is unique, enabling you to send e-coupons to your customers instantly through a wide range of media.

  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Mobile Apps
  • Customer receipt
  • On-line

Target a selected audience, push coupons directly to them, see accurately what was redeemed and by who, when they redeemed and what  other purchases were made during the transaction with Bopzy’s couponing solution.

By providing an e-coupon solution that is 100% measurable at all touch points of the promotion, Bopzy’s platform takes the guess work out of assessing the success of each campaign. Whether you want to promote a new product, reward repeat purchasers, reactivate dormant customers or move customers up spend bands, by combining Bopzy’s e-couponing platform with our reporting tools you can analyse your consumer trends, identify the most appropriate audience to target and on completion, accurately assess the impact of the campaign in quantifiable terms relating to sales, footfall, product awareness, customer goodwill etc.


Increase cashflow, lock in customers, reduce queues and enhance convenience for your customers with Bopzy’s prepay solution.

As people increasingly move away from carrying cash, customers seek alternative payment methods that are fast and cost effective. Bopzy prepay provides an ideal solution as it integrates seamlessly to your till, simplifying transactions  while simultaneously capturing  transaction data to help you build up an excellent customer database and profile, in addition to providing significant accounting benefits to your business. Increase repeat business and customer retention by incentivising your customers to partake with Bopzy’s flexible solution.

Bopzy prepay couldn’t be easier for your customers to use, they simply top up their Bopzy iD online or at the till  and wave it at the reader by the till to automatically pay in full or part-payment for their goods. 

Digital Receipts

Enhance customer convenience, improve efficiency and protect the environment with digital receipts.

As soon a person waves their Bopzy ID, their transaction receipt gets stored automatically in their Bopzy Account which they can view via the App or online and which can be recalled & viewed at any time by the consumer. Differentiate your offering by letting your customers save, sort and store their purchase history, providing enhanced convenience for you and your customer.

Ticketing, healthcare, Identification, tracking and much, much more

Bopzy’s backend platform uses Near Field Communications.

This technology can be used for an extremely wide range of applications such as stored value, ticketing, access, healthcare, information collection and exchange, payment processing, smart posters and as a means of identification.  Why not contact us to see how your business can benefit from using NFC technology.

What is Near Field Communications?

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a type of contactless technology which enables device-to-device communication.

A small chip embedded in the NFC device transmits a message to the accompanying NFC reader when they are in very close proximity to each other, to enable fast, secure and convenient transactions. NFC is currently being embedded in the majority of smart phone handsets which will allow consumers to use NFC technology directly through their phone, by waving it against a contactless reader to do transactions.  These transactions will be visible to the consumer via a wallet, similar to an app on the phone, where the consumer will be able to see their transaction history, adjust security settings, apply value to their card etc.

Until NFC is widely available in phones, the Bopzy iD mimics embedded NFC and acts as a unique identifier for the consumer which enables them to do a variety of different transactions. The consumer only ever has to register their Bopzy iD once but can use it in any number of merchants thereafter.  The card automatically differentiates between stores and figures out the type of transaction that is being conducted.



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