About the Bopzy iD

Your digital identity


The Bopzy iD will make your life a little easier. It’s a digital identity which allows you to do simple, fast and secure transactions like make payments, buy tickets and get them loaded to your account instantly, use it for door access and as a one for all rewards card.  The Bopzy iD comes in many forms like a plastic card, key ring, sticker or in an NFC phone.

The Bopzy iD stores all of your information in one place so all you have to do is wave and go. Don’t worry, we handle all the tricky bits and make sure it’s all done in a secure and transparent way.

Grab a Bopzy card, wave it against the reader and presto you’re done!

Don’t forget,
  • Register your iD to get additional bonuses & protect your information
  • Use the same Bopzy iD anywhere you see the Bopzy logo, you only need to register it once. 

By registering you can log in to your account to view recent transactions, see what great offers are available, top up your prepay account and protect your balances so that if you lose it, you can easily replace your card and transfer all your information so you never miss out. And the best part is, if you register you get loads of extra bonuses and coupons.

Use your Bopzy ID to:
  • Make payments
  • Earn loyalty rewards
  • Get & redeem coupons
  • Get, store and use electronic tickets
  • For door access & security
  • To store digital receipts
Getting & using the Bopzy ID

Pick up a Bopzy card, key ring or sticker at any participating merchant and use it anywhere you see the Bopzy logo. If you have a branded store card that has the Bopzy logo on it, this means you can use it just like a fully branded Bopzy card, in any participating store. Once you get your Bopzy iD, register it online or via the App.  

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Fast & Secure

Simple, convenient transactions for you and your customers



Bopzy Consumers
Swipe & Go

Grab a Bopzy card, swipe it against the reader and presto!



Bopzy Partners
Seamless integration

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