About NFC

Near Field Communications, or NFC for short, is a type of contactless technology which enables device-to-device communication. A small chip embedded in the NFC device transmits a message to the accompanying NFC reader, once in short range of each other (2-3cm), to enable fast, secure and convenient transactions. NFC is currently being embedded in the majority of smart phone handsets which will allow consumers to use NFC technology directly through their phone, by swiping it against a contactless reader to conduct transactions.  These transactions will be visible to the consumer via a wallet, similar to an app on the phone, through which the consumer will be able to see their transaction history, adjust security settings, apply value to their card etc.

Until NFC is widely available in phones, the Bopzy Card mimics embedded NFC and acts as a unique identifier for the consumer which enables them to do a variety of different transactions by swiping their contactless card, just as they would their phone. The consumer only ever has to register their card once but can use it in any number of merchants thereafter.  The card automatically differentiates between stores and figures out the type of transaction that is being conducted.

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